By Molly Heitz


July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, and if you have a pet, you know the love and attachment that comes with it. They are a part of our families! Pets are great to have around for enjoyment, and some even provide services for special needs and PTSD. That’s why we need to keep them safe and healthy. As such, today, you can learn how to keep your pet safe in case of a fire.


Here are a few quick tips for doing so:


–           Create an escape plan. Sit down with your family or roommates to discuss a route and designate someone to carry the pets.

–           Have a fire drill. You can create mock fire drills with the people living in your home to ensure everyone knows what to do in a disaster.

–           Purchase a sign for your home with the number of your pets so first responders can see this and know to look out for pets inside the home in case of an emergency.

–           Keeping a list of your pet’s hiding places in case first responders cannot find your pet.


Another thing to consider is keeping your pet out of trouble! Some ways to help prevent your pet from causing a fire include:

–           Blow out candles before leaving your home.

–           Block off areas potentially dangerous to your pets, like the kitchen stove or exposed wires.

–           Keep fire-related items on a high surface or in a cabinet to prevent pets from getting into them.


Over 40,000 pets die yearly in house fires, so creating awareness can help save lives. Do you want to help spread the word? Share Pet Fire Safety Day on your social media to raise awareness among friends and family on what to do if a fire occurs.


Homeowners insurance certainly will come into play in the event of a house fire. So, take the necessary steps to protect your home and beloved pets and review your coverage today. Need a hand? Contact TrustPoint Insurance and Real Estate today – at 620.364.5665 or