Responsibilities as an Employer: Reduce Distracted Employee Driving

by Emily Raunig   Many people drive around all day for their job. While these employees drive from one location to the next, they often are receiving calls and emails from their boss, clients, vendors and more. If a subject is urgent, the employee may feel the need to respond quickly, even while driving. [...]

Umbrella Insurance Policy: What is it, and Why Do I Need It?

By Daniel Steinzeig What is umbrella policy insurance? An umbrella policy is a form of personal liability insurance that can be used when you are liable for a claim more significant than what your standard auto or homeowner's insurance will cover. You must own standard auto, homeowner's or watercraft insurance first to own umbrella [...]

Things You Should Know About Mobile Home Insurance

By Taylor Swyers Your home deserves the proper protection, and many mobile homeowners are unaware that there are various unique differences between homeowners insurance and mobile home insurance. If you own a mobile home or have been thinking about taking the plunge into ownership, here are some tips to ensure you get the coverage [...]

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