Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance provides protection throughout your lifetime as long as you continue to pay your premiums in full. Most whole life insurance policies build cash value for you to use for expenses later in life, like paying off a student loan or purchasing a new car. Cash value is an attractive part of many permanent life insurance plans.

  • Whole life policies are the simplest and have the strongest guarantees of any type of life insurance. Whole life policies allow for the accumulation of cash value on a tax-deferred basis, which can be used when you need it. Your cash value will build slowly and steadily, but as your cash value increases, you’ll see it grow faster. It pays to be patient!
  • Universal life policies have flexible features that can be customized for you and your loved ones. The flexibility of universal live coverage allows for changes to the death benefit and the size and timing of the policy’s premium, to an extent. So as changes to your life take place, so can your coverage. Your tax-deferred cash value account accumulates at least the guaranteed rate of interest but may accumulate at a higher rate depending on current market rates. Meaning, that you may receive more cash value than expected, or you may get none at all. Consult with the professionals here about over-funding to make sure your universal life policy has a cash value.
  • Variable life is a permanent life insurance policy with a cash value account. Variable life insurance policies require a fixed annual premium for the life of the policy and may provide a minimum guaranteed death benefit. If the cash value account exceeds a certain amount, the death benefit will increase. Variable life policies usually allow for a wider selection of investment options, known as sub-accounts, for you to choose from. Your choices can range from a fixed interest sub-account to a highly volatile international growth account.

If you want a policy that can build cash value for you as well as build up some savings for later in life, talk to one of TrustPoint Insurance & Real Estate’s agents about the right permanent life insurance plan for you!