Boat Insurance

A boat insurance policy can offset potential risks associated with being on the water and allow you to enjoy your time in the sunshine. Boats are a big-time investment and unexpected costs with repairs due to various factors can be challenging.

So, in the same manner you protect your car – you can protect your boat!

There are three basic coverages:

Agreed Hull Value. This is the highest level of protection and pays the most if you make a claim. It provides for coverage of the agreed value when you purchased the policy.

Actual Cash Value. In the event of a loss, this type of coverage will pay out the current market value of the boat.

Liability. This coverage is there to protect in the event of an accident/injury.

Other considerations include adding Ice & Freezing Coverage, Dock Contract Liability Coverage,

Fishing Guide Coverage and more.

What are you waiting for? Have us quote you today and get out on the open water.