By Molly Heitz

Happy National Insurance Claims Day! Today, we hope to bring awareness to our clients and insureds as to why travel insurance is essential. Travel insurance is critical if you’re traveling abroad or for an extended period. Your baggage, time and money are valuable and should be protected.

Travel Insurance Benefits include:

  • Trip cancellations. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned cash when an unplanned life event keeps you from being able to go on that vacation you planned and paid for!
  • Trip interruptions. This coverage will reimburse you for unused, prepaid, nonrefundable expenses if you have to cut a vacation short. For instance, trip interruption coverage may cover most of your expenses if an evacuation occurs while you’re traveling.
  • Travel delay. You have probably seen the mess that some of the travel delays and cancellations have caused for many Americans. During Covid-19 and post-Covid, the airline industry, in particular, has struggled. This type of insurance can help protect you if you get “stuck.”
  • Emergency medical assistance. You may be healthy today, but no one is immune from succumbing to an injury or sickness when on vacation. And you may not realize it, but your health insurance is not likely to work overseas if you travel abroad. Even worse, it can be wildly expensive if your injury or illness is severe enough to warrant being transported via helicopter to the closest hospital.
  • Baggage loss and damage. More than half of Americans who have flown said in a recent survey that their bags have been lost at some point. That is a staggering figure!
  • Theft and delay of travel belongings. It is emotionally upsetting to have anything valuable – financially or personally – stolen at any time. Having it occur while traveling can be even worse because you have to deal with out-of-state or foreign authorities in addition to the loss. You don’t want to add the headache of being unable to replace your items to that!

Why Travel Insurance is Important

Travel insurance is important because you never know if you’ll be the person whose luggage doesn’t come back from baggage claim. Also, with travel insurance, you can book your next trip with no worries! Trip canceled? It doesn’t matter with travel insurance! And one of the most critical features is emergency medical assistance. Life is unpredictable, especially when traveling, so why not insure your trip?

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