By Taylor Swyers

Many people are familiar with taking personality tests to categorize their strengths and weaknesses. These tests are meant to help people understand their thinking processes to understand themselves better. People are often grouped into the four main personality styles: Analytical, Driver, Amiable and Expressive.

You may have taken these types of tests in school or maybe at work. Now, there are personality tests for what type of driver you are on the road. Unlike the original personality tests, the driving personality test has seven categories. Identifying which categories you fit into and do not fit into is essential for improving your driving and raising your awareness on the road.

Below, the seven different driving personalities are described according to the American Safety Council.

The Teacher

Teachers need to teach everyone around them how to drive because they believe they are correct. This can cause frustration between fellow drivers and increase road rage.

The Know-it-all

These people are not afraid to sternly tell other drivers that they are in the right. This may lead to rage and screaming on the road.

The Competitor

The competitive type of driver likes to race and does not like being passed on the road for driving too slowly. They will speed up to pass you and race you to red lights.

The Punisher

The punisher makes sure that drivers who are misbehaving on the road receive proper consequences. This may lead to them chasing down drivers, resulting in overly aggressive driving.

The Philosopher

These drivers are calm, cool and collected. Their personality is more passive, and they do not take anger directed toward them on the road personally.

The Avoider

The avoider sees every other car as a threat and tries to avoid every obstacle. They stay on guard.

The Escapee

When frustrated, these drivers turn to things to distract them, like turning up the music or looking at their phones. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to reckless driving.

Many people may categorize as more than one of these driving personalities. It is important to note which ones define your driving personality. By doing so, you may better control impulses and make the road a safer place for everybody. It is also important to be familiar with all driving personalities you may encounter on the road to better handle incidents.

Whatever your driving personality, you want peace of mind when you get behind the wheel. Contact us for auto insurance today.