By Sarah Fichter

Starting college is an exciting yet terrifying experience for any individual. It is a time when a person can find themselves and start to develop into a mature young adult. Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen events can happen on or off-campus for a college student. Knowing the steps to be safe and successful in college is crucial to having a great college experience.


While you might want to wear your most expensive earrings, rings, watches, necklaces, etc., to class, these items make you a target for individuals who might want to steal those items. It is best to either leave it locked in your room or, even better, do not bring it to college.

Keep Tabs

It is essential to know where valuables are located at all times. Students should have a place for all items in the room. They should also know who goes in and out of the dorm room or apartment. If an individual does not know their roommates well, it would be a good idea to own a safe or locker to ensure valuables are locked up safely.


It is tempting to bring all electronics to campus, but do you need to bring your laptop, Apple Watch, iPod, iPad and Kindle to class? Try limiting the number of electronics you bring with you to class, bringing only what is necessary.


If students find themselves in a situation where their belongings have been stolen or lost, it’s much less painful if those devices are insured. It is highly recommended that students or parents secure this type of insurance. The TrustPoint Insurance & Real Estate team can help students figure out a plan that works for them.

Passwords & Locks

For the safety of your confidential information on a person’s electronic devices, remember to always have a password if a person tries to log into your devices. This can prevent a person from learning your personal information and stealing credit cards, social security, personal information, etc.

College students must lock their doors when leaving their room, house, apartment, or dorm. There is theft in any area, no matter how safe it seems. Locking access to enter a person’s personal space can decrease the chance of belongings getting stolen.

Do not Treat Your Car Like Your Home

For students who bring cars to college, it is common for them to leave personal belongings in their car. This gives a would-be thief easy access to steal their belongings. When someone breaks into an individual’s car, the person has twice the headache because of the damage done to their car and the theft.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Students studying in a public area, like the library, should never leave their belongings unattended. If students must use the restroom or leave their table for any reason, they should take their belongings with them! It is worth losing a seat over versus valuable possessions.

Students should also keep an eye out for anyone who feels or looks suspicious. If this happens, the person should be reported to the proper authorities on campus. This proactive approach can prevent theft or other undesirable events from occurring.

College is full of unique activities and opportunities that allow students to thrive in their environment, but safety is always a key component.