By Lindsey Morin

It’s always fun to see cows while driving down that two-lane highway, and some of us may even roll down the windows and moo. Little piglets warm people’s hearts and account for many great family movies. Goats took the world by storm by participating in yoga classes. Children sing about a farmer and his animals throughout elementary school. We even dance like chickens at family parties and weddings.

Farm animals are a significant part of our lives, but sometimes we may not appreciate that fact. April 10th is National Farm Animals Day and is meant to promote the welfare of American livestock. Attention is focused on the proper humane care of farm animals and trying to find new homes for abandoned and abused animals.

In 2005, Colleen Paige created this national day to recognize the animals she holds near and dear to her heart. Colleen Paige is an animal rescuer, vegetarian and celebrity pet lifestyle expert. She is Companion Air’s official behaviorist as well as Seattle’s “favorite dog trainer.” She first began working with animals in Los Angeles, California and became a professional Animal Behaviorist and Dog Trainer in the late 1980s.

When founding the celebratory day, her goal was to raise overall awareness for various animals, including cats, dogs, farm animals, and more. She has been very active in seminars throughout the country and trains employees at different pet-related businesses nationwide.

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