by Emily Raunig

Finally, winter is over, and it’s time to transition into warmer weather. While spring may be a busy time, don’t forget to inspect your home after a long winter. Your home might have sustained some wear and tear from the snow and ice, so it’s essential to ensure your house is ready for the rain and storms that will soon arrive.

Here are six quick things to take care of this spring:

  1. Examine Roof Shingles

If you’re not up to climbing on your roof, have your spouse or a professional check it out. Examining roof shingles is important after winter because you need to check if any of them are lost or damaged. If your roof covering is older, you might want to replace it because the summer sun can damage it. Remember, be safe!

  1. Make Sure Your Lawnmower is Ready to Go

Make sure to change the oil first and foremost, replace the spark plug and change/clean the air filter. After this, scrutinize your blade; you need it sharp to cut an even lawn. If you need help inspecting your lawnmower, call a professional.

  1. Start Working Towards a Nice Lawn

Summer will be here before you know it, so make sure your lawn looks its best. Lay down lawn fertilizer to give your grass the right amount of nourishment; this will help enrich the soil as well.

  1. Trim your Trees and Dead Branches

After the ice and snow, your trees might be a little torn up. According to the Leaflet, it’s easier to see what areas need fixing before trees bloom. Look around for dead branches to trim to prepare your trees for spring.

  1. Check Your Outside Faucets

This is an essential step because the cold weather could’ve caused your pipes to freeze up. Try turning the water on and putting your thumb over the spout. If this stops the flow of water, your pipe most likely is damaged inside your home; it will need to be replaced.

  1. Check your Concrete

The winter ice can break away at your concrete and cause severe damage. If you see any cracks, make sure to fill them with concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. When the weather is warm, you can power-wash and seal the concrete.

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