By Daniel Steinzeig


Have you ever wanted to start a garden but don’t know how? Gardening might seem like a lot of work, but you can start slowly, and there is a lot of support and coaching available now on the internet. The first thing you will want to do is decide where your garden will live. Finding the right location for your garden is just like finding the right location for a new house; it has to be perfect. Your garden should be in a place in your yard that you can easily see. The more you see it, the more time you spend on it.


Here are a few tips to remember as you choose your location:


Soil choices

One of the essential pieces of gardening advice is finding and cultivating soil rich in nutrients and well-drained. Good quality soil will help your garden look beautiful all year round, so think about it as you look around your property for a location.


Stay near water

Another important gardening tip is to ensure your garden is close to a water source. Having a hose that can reach your garden is ideal; you don’t need to run water back and forth. The best way to tell if your garden needs water is to push your finger an inch deep into the soil. It might be time to give your garden some water if it is dry.


Stay in the sun

Pay attention to what parts of your yard get the most sunlight throughout the day. Most plants need about six hours of sunlight per day to survive.



If the area you will use as a garden is not on your personal property, make sure the area you choose is accessible whenever you want to garden.


Okay, you have your garden location picked out. What’s next? Research some gardening websites for beginners and research what gardening tools, products, seeds or plants, and such you will need. Then, start shopping. Remember that as a newbie, you may want to stick to vegetables, fruits and spices that are easier to grow and harvest for the first time.


If you’re thinking about planting any large trees or shrubs, contact your insurance agent to see how much coverage you may have for them in the event of a storm or fire.


Good luck!