By Emily Raunig


Smartphones continue to increase in popularity and increase the risk of texting and driving. According to Edgar Snyder & Associates, cell phone use leads to 1.6 million crashes each year, with about 390,000 injuries occurring. Despite these shocking numbers, people still use their cell phones while behind the wheel. It’s everyone’s job to put their phones down while driving. What better way to do this than using your phone to help you out?


Here are five apps that help prevent texting while driving.


  1. OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid

This free app available for iPhone pays you not to text and drive. The app offers cash cards, gift cards, free travel and more. OnMyWay will pay users every mile they don’t text and drive. The app automatically turns on when you start driving over ten mph. This great app incentivizes you to stay off your phone while driving.


  1. LifeSaver

LifeSaver is a free app for iPhones and iPads that reduces notifications while driving. The app starts as soon as you start driving; if you try and check your phone from behind the wheel, it won’t let you. It has a feature allowing passengers to check their phones and lets you set exceptions for specific contacts in an emergency.


  1. Canary

Canary is available on both Apple and Android products. This app is excellent for people with teenagers who are driving, allowing parents to connect their phones to their children’s. If their kid is using their phone while driving or going over the speed limit, it will alert the parent’s phone. This helps parents monitor their child’s safety when on the road.


  1. MyHandsFree

MyHandsFree app is available on the Apple app store. It allows you to access emails, texts and voice messages just with your voice. This app lets you keep your hands off your phone while behind the wheel. MyHandsFree allows you to keep focused on the road while communicating when necessary.


  1. AT&T DriveMode

This app is available on Android and iPhones and was developed by AT&T. It helps prevent texting and driving by sending messages to people who text you while behind the wheel. It alerts them that the driver will respond to them once they are no longer driving. It also lets parents see what their children are doing on the app. If they delete the app or disable auto-mode, it sends a text message to their parent. This app is family-friendly and helps keep everyone safe.


These apps are helpful tools to prevent distracted driving, but accidents do happen. To protect yourself further, make sure you have auto insurance. Auto insurance plans help cover potential car-related damages or injuries from a financial perspective. It helps protect you, your passengers and other drivers.


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