By Daniel Steinzeig


No matter what business you run, your employees are the backbone that keeps things running. You couldn’t be successful without them. Keeping your employees motivated and engaged is extremely important when you run a small business. Small businesses typically don’t have the same resources as large corporations regarding employee incentives. Hence, as a local business owner, it is essential to reward and acknowledge your employees creatively and frequently.


Here are some ways to appreciate your hard-working employees.


Recognize good performance

As an employee, how would you feel if you worked extremely hard on a project and then had it go unnoticed? Probably not too great. Providing recognition to your employees for their hard work will make them feel good about themselves and give them more confidence to continue working as hard as they can on their projects. A little bonus, gift, or even a small thank you can go a long way.



By giving employees more flexibility, you acknowledge that they have a life outside of work. Letting them be flexible with their hours, coming in early to leave early, or even letting them work from home some days can help employees feel better and more comfortable. We are all human, things happen, and sometimes we just need a little break before returning to the grind.


Fun workplace

Nobody wants to have to dread coming to work every day. Your employees are already spending most of their time in the office, so by having a fun place to work, employees will enjoy going to work and be more motivated. Employee happy hours, office parties, and team lunches can help make the work environment more enjoyable. Dress-up days and celebrating national days can add enjoyment to the office atmosphere. Contests are terrific, too – a chili cook-off, teams competing to help raise charitable funding, and more can elevate employees’ work enjoyment.



Communicating with your employees about the business and their performance will remind them that they are an essential part of the business. Listen to what they say and use it to help better the business and work environment.


It’s important to remember to reward your employees when they are deserving. After all, without them, there would be no business.


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