By Sarah Fichter

It is that time of year to give and receive gifts from family and loved ones. Suppose you have just opened a box of diamond earrings or a diamond ring and want to wear it out and show it off. Before you do, ensure that the bling is covered in case of theft or loss! Having appropriate insurance for your diamonds or other fine jewelry is crucial to your peace of mind.

Follow these steps:

  • First, make sure your insurance covers the piece if lost or stolen. Contact your insurance agent to do this. Your homeowner’s policy may need an update, and you may need to increase the total dollar value of coverage for jewelry. Make sure you either have a receipt for the item or an appraisal on file. It’s also a good idea to take photos of your valuables or video them. This ensures a smooth process with your insurance provider should the item need to be replaced. Contact TrustPoint Insurance & Real Estate for further information in this area.


  • Think about whether you need to take your valuables on vacation with you. Jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets and watches are small, which makes them very easy to hide. These items are easy to sell or turn, so they are perfect targets for would-be thieves. If you feel compelled to take them, keep them locked securely in your hotel room when they are not worn. Do not leave them in unattended luggage at any time.


  • Never leave jewelry in your automobile. Even if you are running a quick errand and plan to return in a few minutes, a thief on the lookout can “smash and grab” in mere seconds.


  • Only take your jewelry to professional, reputable stores to be cleaned or repaired.


  • Keep jewels in a lockbox or safe at home, and consider investing in a home security system if you do not already own one.


  • Avoid taking off jewelry near sinks, toilets, showers and such.


  • Think twice before lending out valuable jewelry if you will not be accompanying the person you are allowing to wear it.